frequently asked questions

RMPA is no cost to physicians.

Rocky Mountain Physician Agency is an agency focused exclusively on negotiating physician contracts for maximum value to the physician.

Professional athletes train their entire lives to become elite in their sport of choice. Likewise, physicians spend an overwhelming majority of their lives training in the study and practice of the sciences and medicine. Physicians are then expected to negotiate contracts and salaries with executives who make careers [and substantial bonuses] negotiating physician compensation and contracts.

RMPA evens the playing field because Ethan Nkana, JD, MBA, Principal spent the last decade on the other side of the table, analyzing and negotiating physician contracts and compensation on behalf of hospitals and health systems. RMPA uses the same industry-leading compensation data and insights that hospitals have access to when negotiating with physicians.

RMPA is founded on the mission, Physicians first, Always. The sole motivation for RMPA is to advocate for the physician’s interest to get the most valuable contract for the physician.

RMPA serves physicians of all specialties, including residents in training, across the United States.

RMPA is no cost to physicians; just a 15-minute introductory conversation with the physician. If the physician decides that they are not interested or the timing isn’t right, there’s no obligation to work together beyond the introduction.

If RMPA cannot secure a more favorable contract for the physician, with the current health system or a different health system, the physician’s current contract(s) stay as-is.

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